Village Suisse

This web site was built through Organism, a Halifax-based web design studio which consisted of four.  I was sub-contracted for designing the WordPress theme on the front-end, with some minor programming responsibilities.

The most unique aspect of this web site is the Summer / Winter switching functionality.  I added a special option to Diana’s administration panel to control the default season.  Fallbacks were added to read/write user seasonal preferences with cookies – and as a last resort, set the cookie via PHP time() so the site is always presenting the most preferable set of pages.

This actually involved overriding parts of the WordPress “Loop” (core functionality) without interfering with her French/English plugin.  The site creates four copies of every page; these user preferences are stored in both cookies and session data for easy navigation.

Plus, every time Diana adds a new page, her theme knows to add a unique sidebar for assigning new widget instances.  In this way her theme is supremely flexible and has been in use since 2011.


  • Custom season-switcher code / corresponding page hierarchy
  • Fully multilingual Theme and Widgets
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