Sales Calculator App

This was something I put together in my free time while I was working for, back in 2013 as a salesperson for the services listed.  This was just my way of trying to stay fresh with some new skills I had acquired before becoming a salesman.  The columns follow our recommended flow of engage, recommend, agree.

Engage and connect

I found that one main challenge we all faced on our calls was how to do complex math without losing the sale.  It can make you sound as though you lack confidence, knowledge and perhaps even integrity.  Calls tend to go more smoothly once we knew exactly what we would recommend.  This tool was meant to help me pack more product into my solution without losing that cognitive edge.

Pitch the recommendation

For each domain name the customer had involved in the discussion, one instance of this app was to be opened in a new tab.  The solutions we offered came in various bundles; this app provides the base elements and constructs the bundles automatically.  This way, we have all of the math – even the unit count for the salesperson.

Close the sale

The system finally ends the process with a third column, agreement scripting.  If performed improperly, this process can threaten a sale.  This tool will automatically seek out the shortest combination of scripting possible to get them through to the credit card authorization without repeating multiple paragraphs of legalese.

All in all, I was super proud of this tool!  It was the most complicated JavaScript I had ever compiled at the time, and my colleagues were blown away.

A live example is found here.  Links to proprietary and/or confidential information have been left broken.

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