Momentum PR

This web site was commissioned by an Investor Relations firm in Montreal.  The project was all about converting their existing Joomla! web site into a WordPress template so that I could be used to maintain it.  The original site had some serious ongoing maintenance problems I was brought in to address, not limited to approximately 30 plugins which were not in use.

Immediate Benefits

The site was designed and published before importing all of the old articles, tags, etc from K2 for Joomla! to the default WordPress format.  Once live, the guys at Momentum PR were most pleased with the improved ability to manage SEO.  They were also surprised at how much faster their site was running, though I was not – the previous version had six times as many files (16,038.)

Apples and Oranges

The most significant challenge was re-writing their stock ticker widget.  This meant learning a lot of Joomla! code, which I am 99% unfamiliar with.  Google Finance deprecated its API years ago; as such GavickPro made use of cURL requests to fetch the data with their plugin for Joomla!.  I managed to create a WordPress version of this excellent plugin after poring through the code, something I was initially not confident I could manage.  I’ll be releasing the repackaged code to GavickPro after a few modifications.


  • Bootstrap 3.0 Responsive Design adapts to all devices
  • Caching of pages, scripts, databases and more
  • Custom client management solution, all in one panel
  • SEO Overhaul + training of authors
  • Multiple usability and accessibility improvements
  • 17% of original filesize
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