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All of my web sites are built on the WordPress platform. WordPress is Google-friendly, fast, and extremely easy to use, now powering over 20% of all sites on the Internet.

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Modern Web Design Practices

The past ten years saw an exciting new array of tools and principles emerge as what we ended up calling “Web 2.0,” a much more interactive and further decentralized online experience.  Some of the most frequently accessed web sites today exist on systems which would have been unimaginably complex and ambitious not very long ago.

Fortunately, the tools we use to program and design so much more effectively today can be just as powerful when we apply them to simpler ideas.  Developers who continue to stay ahead of the pack are able to help you unlock more value from your ideas, and provide the extra power you were hoping for.

Responsive Web Design

More than 50% of all traffic on Google servers comes from a mobile device.  This number is only going to grow over time, and it’s especially pertinent to those doing business online – your customers, clients, suppliers and others need to find your information when they’re on the go.

Responsive web design refers to a set of guiding principles developers are expected to follow.  Experts build your web site phone-first and “scale up” from there for greater and greater device resolutions.  This greatly reduces the headache mobile users experience when browsing from small screens, lowers their bandwidth costs and dramatically lowers time waiting for page loads.

Your visitors will love you for it – all of them.  Even Googlebot.  It will actually enhance your ranking when it gets to “see” your site adapt to different resolutions.  And wouldn’t you want it to look great, anyway?

Search Engine Optimization

Your pages are built with strict adherence to the guidelines provided by Google Corporation.  It’s just common sense.  With WordPress, we can go farther by including the Yoast plugin and train your site’s contributors on how to use this simple yet powerful tool.

You’ll be able to incorporate world-class SEO principles into any content you decide to add or import to your site.  Leveraging this advantage in concordance with a firm grasp of your business model will enable your site to send the right message to the right audience – all the time.

Professional Implementation

Did you obtain your own domains and hosting service?  Even a virtual store has keys.  A surprising number of business owners don’t know who is holding them.

Do you keep a list of your most popular links and pages?  Well-executed updates ensure visitors from other sites keep finding the pages their friends Liked and Shared, even if the new addresses are changed.  Properly planning a migration will preserve hard-fought gains to your SEO rank.

Your web developer should be asking you these questions right away.  A reliable consultant will ask almost as many questions as they will answer.  If you need to make sure your developers are asking the right questions, I suggest you reach out to me as well and compare our recommendations.

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